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    Houses For Sale Puerto Vallarta

    Are you looking for homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta? At Elengorn Realtors you have access to a search engine where you can find the house you have always dreamed of. We have properties equipped with all the necessary facilities luxuries, comfort and located in safe and secure communities.

    Enjoy unique and magical moments in Puerto Vallarta!

    Buy House In Puerto Vallarta

    Houses In Puerto Vallarta For Sale

    At Elengorn Realtors, we focus on meeting each of our customers’ requirements for this reason, we have at your disposal a wide selection of houses in Puerto Vallarta. The hotel has all the necessary elements so that you can enjoy quiet days with all the comfort you deserve.

    Buy the house of your dreams in a privileged and exclusive location!

    Vivento Los Sauces House In Puerto Vallarta

    Vivento Los Sauces, is presented as an investment opportunity. With a privileged location, this exclusive property offers an unparalleled living experience. Its ample spaces and luxury finishes create an environment of comfort and elegance, enjoy the breathtaking views or relax in the spectacular pool.

    With a growing demand for properties, investing in this development is a smart decision. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a space in Puerto Vallarta! Contact us now for more information and discover all the advantages that Vivento Los Sauces has for you.

    Casa Vivento Los Sauces En Puerto Vallarta

    Progreso/Universidad, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $1,732,500 MXN

       72 Units  |    2 Bathrooms   |     2 Bedrooms   |     3 Levels

    Other Properties In Puerto Vallarta Jalisco


    Fluvial Vallarta Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $5,039,028 MXN

    Up to $9,489,268 MXN

     82 Units |  2 Bathrooms |  2 Bedrooms | 4  Levels


    Terralta & Los Amores, Bucerias Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $6,590,214 MXN

    Up to $12,327,431 MXN

       36 Units  |    2 Baths   |     2 y 3 Beds   |     5 Levels


    Huanacaxtle Beach, Bucerias Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $7,853,994 MXN

    Up to $22,050,000 MXN

    77 Units | 2 Baths |   1 to 3 Beds | 9 Levels


    Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $7,808,238 MXN

    Up to $10,684,080 MXN

       24 Units  |    2 Baths   |     1 y 2  Beds  |     6 Levels

    Puerto Vallarta Homes For Sale In Puerto Vallarta México

    Homes For Sale In Puerto Vallarta México

    Some of the reasons for invest in homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta:

    • Areas with the highest capital gains in the country
    • Diversity and cultural richness

    On the other hand, you have the opportunity to visit authentic places that are adjust to all ages and interests of different types of people. Experience an unparalleled lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta!

    Casa En Venta En Puerto Vallarta Jalisco

    Do you want to live in a safe and quiet place for you and your loved ones? Puerto Vallarta Jalisco is waiting for you. A city with much growth potential ideal for new investors.

    Acquiring a home for sale in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco is an excellent option due to the high profitability you will get in the medium and long term. We have modern and charming properties! 

    Beachfront Homes In Puerto Vallarta

    The waterfront homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta are among the most popular alternatives we have for you to live a distinct experience. The daily breeze, the peace that the ocean brings, the closeness and spectacular ocean views, the sports activities you can develop and so many other reasons should drive you to invest in coastal homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta.

    Houses For Sale Puerto Vallarta

    We have real estate for sale in Puerto Vallarta, in the modern and comfortable urban development of the Fluvial Vallarta area. An area located in Bahia Banderas, Fluvial Vallarta. .

    Which stands out for its contemporary urban design. Here you have at your fingertips all the services you need to live comfortably. We have for sale residences or impressive mansions.

    If you are an active person, who likes to enjoy a variety of activities and vibrate with a unique atmosphere, then the Romantic Zone, also known as “Old Town” is for you. 

    We help you find the home for sale Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone that suits you best. With proximity to the sea, safe, comfortable and with all the luxuries to make you feel at ease.

    For those looking for a central area, Versalles Puerto Vallarta is an excellent choice. A true gem characterized by its elegance, comfort, luxury and serenity.

    Start a new life by investing in one of the properties for sale that we have in Versalles. Conditioned with beautiful and spacious gardens, private swimming pools and common areas, beautiful and safe.

    One of the most charming areas of Puerto Vallarta is Bucerías. As it is located on the Pacific coast, it allows you to connect with beautiful beaches and enjoy a tranquil beachfront lifestyle. 

    A fairly affluent destination that has seen growth in recent years. Buy the home of your dreams with unparalleled panoramic views. Find it in different styles, with spacious gardens and patios.

    A beautiful area to invest in your new home is Nuevo Vallarta, located in Riviera Nayarit. A charming and exclusive place for you to have an exceptional lifestyle.

    In this area, we have different sizes and styles of houses for sale. With direct access to the beach and guaranteed security at all times. Invest now and get personalized attention!

    Houses For Sale In Puerto Vallarta

    Casas De Venta En Puerto Vallarta
    Venta De Casas En Puerto Vallarta

    Houses For Sale In Puerto Vallarta

    Explore our wide selection of homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta and find the real-estate perfect fit for your expectations and needs. From panoramic views to quiet neighborhoods, each option reflects the beauty and diversity of this unique region.

    Our homes adapt to all lifestyles. In addition, you have access to all the services so you can live peacefully. Your next home awaits you in Puerto Vallarta!

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