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Puerto Vallarta Condos For Sale, Jalisco, México

From $5,039,028 MXN

At Elengorn Realtors we accompany each of our customers with a service of excellent quality, to offer them exclusive condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta. They will be able to experience a unique lifestyle in properties that combine luxury, comfort and privileged locations. Explore all of our options!

Condominiums in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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    Puerto Vallarta Condos

    Condo Sales Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta is one of the most desired cities in Mexico, its tropical climate, advancement in infrastructure and investment growth opportunity, are reasons to consider Puerto Vallarta as your destination. We are specialists in the condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta that offer the perfect balance between lifestyle and modernity. Find the condo that meets your expectations!

    Puerto Vallarta Condos For Sale


    Fluvial Vallarta Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $5,039,028 MXN

    Up to $9,489,268 MXN

     82 Units |  2 Bathrooms |  2 Bedrooms | 4 Levels


    Terralta & Los Amores, Bucerias Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $6,590,214 MXN

    Up to $12,327,431 MXN

       36 Units  |    2 Baths   |     2 y 3 Beds   |     5 Levels


    Huanacaxtle Beach, Bucerias Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $7,853,994 MXN

    Up to $22,050,000 MXN

    77 Units | 2 Baths |   1 to 3 Beds | 9 Levels


    Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    From $7,808,238 MXN

    Up to $10,684,080 MXN

       24 Units  |    2 Baths   |     1 y 2  Beds  |     6 Levels

    Condos In Puerto Vallarta México

    Condos For Sale Puerto Vallarta México

    Our condos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico represent a unique expression of contemporary architecture and world-class design. They offer stunning panoramic views and feature sophisticated interiors. Enjoy the wonderful tropical climate of this paradisiacal destination in the condos we have for sale, these have access to the beach and proximity to the activities of the city

    Condominios De Venta En Puerto Vallarta México

    Steps To Acquire Condominiums In Vallarta

    Beachfront Condos For Sale In Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta Condos For Sale Beachfront

    Spaces decorated with luxury and with all the necessary amenities to enjoy days and nights completely different from everyday life, with impressive ocean views. You can find all this in the condos in Puerto Vallarta for sale near the sea.

    Condo In Puerto Vallarta Ocean View

    Each property has been designed to make the most of this privileged location. With our condos in Puerto Vallarta near the sea, you have direct access to the beaches and different points of interest for you to enjoy all the activities in the company of family and friends. 

    Condominios en Puerto Vallarta Frente Al Mar

    Vacation Condos In Puerto Vallarta

    If you are looking to invest in a property to spend your vacations or rent it during these seasons, then you should explore the best vacation condos in Puerto Vallarta that we have available. 

    Access different luxury accommodations with first class amenities to make the most of your time off. From infinite pools to panoramic ocean views, our vacation condos create the perfect setting for a memorable vacation. 

    Puerto Vallarta Condos For Sale

    For those seeking a balance between luxury and premium location, then they should invest in a condominium in Versalles in Puerto Vallarta.

    An area with a strategic location, where you have at your fingertips a wide variety of services and activities to do with family and friends. The condominiums allow access to views of the bay and the city. In addition, they are equipped with private pools and green areas. 

    Nuevo Vallarta is a charming area located in the Riviera Nayarit. This area allows you to have an exceptional quality of life with luxury resorts, golf courses and a wide range of water activities..

    Here we are specialists in the sale of condominiums in Nuevo Vallarta, spaces for those who want a place where they can enjoy to the fullest, equipped with first class amenitiesand with access to Mexico’s beautiful beaches.

    The Vallarta’s Fluvial zone, located in Bahia de Banderas, is one of the most attractive in the city, offering great opportunities for profitability. Therefore, it is perfect for those who wish to invest in a property.

    We help you find the best condominiums in Fluvial Vallarta, with an urban design. In this area you have restaurants, department stores, parks and different services to live comfortably.   

    The so-called Romantic Zone, better known as Old Townhas a quaint atmosphere, which is perfect for those looking for a dynamic location with a vibrant nightlife.

    When investing in condominiums Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone you will experience authenticity and an inclusive environment. In which converge all kinds of cultural, musical and artistic activities and events. In addition, it is surrounded by incredible beaches with crystal clear waters.

    Condos For Sale In Puerto Vallarta Jalisco

    Find your perfect retreat in our condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. With a variety of options to suit all tastes and needs, we have condos that represent a smart investment in the thriving real estate market of the region.

    Enjoy exclusive and secure properties and find the condo of your dreams in one of the incredible areas of Puerto Vallarta. It’s time to secure your spot in a coastal area. Live safely and peacefully investing in one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico

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